(re)learning astronomy

Rearranging my bookcase the other day I came across my old astronomy textbook, ‘An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics’ by Bradley Carroll and Dale Ostlie, also known affectionately as Bob the Big Orange Book.

BobI don’t remember much of my Astronomy 101 class.  I have a very clear memory of my tiny professor bouncing around the classroom singing “It’s a great big universe and we’re all really tiny” with all the energy of an Animaniac.  I also remember her telling me that if I became one with Bob, fully ingesting its contents, I would know as much about astronomy as most astronomers.

So with that in mind, I plan to read Bob and write up simple summaries of the sections with illustrations and such.  I hope that this will encourage me to finally become one with Bob and also provide readers with an introduction to astronomy that is easier to get through than a 1300 page textbook.


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